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Comparing The 2 Come Closer Videos By Wizkid

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This beats the original version.

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Drake is still not in the video but the newly released video for Come Closer by Wizkid beats the original as it’s more lively and colourful.


Not far from its original concept, the new video still has the noticeable African print costume. This time Wizkid and other male dancers are rocking it.


Since Rihanna’s work video this style of shooting music videos has become a staple for dance tracks. The energetic dance scene by a group of dancers influences viewers to dance along when they hear these songs.


While the first video was shot in a studio, has a 2d feel and is less colourful, the new video has more scenes and is a more colourful for the melodic pop vibes from Africa’s number one pop star.

Come Closer (1st Version)

Come Closer (Unreleased Version)

Word on the net is that this new version was not officially released, neither Wizz or Sony Music has acknowlged it’s existence at press time. The Starboy general is famous for leaking his own contents, it wont be a surprise if he is the one behind this so called leak.

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