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Eva Deaf

Being a femcee in Nigeria is a tough job they have to prove themselves twice as much as their male counterparts. Eva has been consistently chasing a break through into the mainstream for a while now signing unto Eldee’s Trybes Records and eventually leaving, now on her indie grind it’s clear she is going hard.

This is her latest effort ‘Deaf’ following a controversial roadside freestyle video she released earlier which many have dubbed a shot at MI, Pryse and Sasha P.

With a line like “get a choc boi to pass that kit kat i don’t need that” it’s clear there is a beef brewing this song is mainly aimed at her detractors.

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Final Thoughts

All the beef hype aside this is a tight showing by Eva, I've never thought of Eva as a lyricist but this song has me thinking otherwise. With a laid back beat she shines with creative punchlines and she stuck to subject matter so well you can almost sense she is talking to someone maybe Pryse who knows besides the choc city line she didn't mention anyone. But it’s a nice subliminal track to her haters whoever they might be.

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