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Maheeda Naija Bad Girl

The question is, is she a real musician/entertainer or is she just an attention seeker? This song will have you second guessing.

Maheeda is a bad girl, you already know that if you follow blogs on social media you must have stumbled across her nude pictures online. It’s a publicity stunt that has worked for her albeit shameless, in our Nigerian culture women are not expected to potray their body in public like that.

She has the attention of Nigerians and she is impressive (Music wise that is)  i would admit that, she delivered some tight bars on this record i’m doubting she wrote it, her delivery is sexy as it should be considering the image she has been promoting. And was that Cmion on the hook?

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Final Thoughts

Maheeda's got "flow tighter than a virgin with the 'v' code". Maheeda spits bars..believe that! She delivers flawlessly on "Bad Girl" where she rides nicely on the beat. If you think she's bared it all, you ain't heard nothing yet.

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