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Mateo Vic Feel My Pain

Mateo Vic has been putting in the work for a while now releasing a mixtape titled Memoirs Of A Demon Slayer, with several videos and singles along the way, this gospel rapper is on a mission and as he puts it on the track with Christ at the centre there is no stopping him.

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Rap music in Naija is going through a lot of phases, there eternal conversation about what is real hip hop and sell out. Many popular Emcees have been trapped in the punch line rap thing, and most times the raps end up being slaps rather than punches, this have led to many people branding these rappers as sell outs as the line don’t live up to the hype. There is a growing trend of rappers who are kicking that real not real in the sense that it is necessarily hard core but the message in the rhymes connect with a story as the classic rappers like Pac, Big, Nas used to have. Maeto Vito pours his heart out on this record as he discusses the inevitable conversations artist have with their parents, he details his set-backs, hopes and aspirations as an upcoming artist. The song doesn't have a hook, it’s straight rap all through his flow however will keep you hooked.

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