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Now Muzik Artist Kslim Impress with First Single Oluwa Twale

The beat is not styled like the typical pop beat instead it is a mid tempo instrumental with a groovy feel. The producer yung Jon employs soft drums with carefully placed rolls here and there to give the beat some variation.

The beat here acts as a compliment to K Slim’s vocals which is clean and well sequenced, but a little on the safe side we would love to hear more songs where he expresses himself more vocally.

The lyrics are about coming into success despite challenges; he name drops areas in his home town Anambra; Opkosu, Ogidi where he grew and Las Gidi (Lagos) where he is currently living his dreams as an artiste, Pounded Yam and Eguisi, the world most controversial plant, and other cultural references that are easily relatable to a wide range of Nigerian audiences.

If you walk in to the meet the chorus playing you might mistake it for gospel pop record, the verses however tells the story of a street boy who still acknowledges God for his blessings. The hook ‘right now I’m balling Enemies so sorry’ is a line social media posts are made of.

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Final Thoughts

Overall Oluwa Twale is impressive for a first single.

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