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Saeon ft Wizkid – Boogie Down

It hard not to feature Wizzy on a song like this one – especially when the song is about spending money and acting naughty.

Saeon’s delivery on “Boogie Down” was on point. While she lets Wizzy make the call on the hook, she works Maleek Berry’s beat to a pulp from start to finish.  Although the message is the typical “follow me home, I got money to spend,” kind of one-liners aimed at getting into the girl’s pants that you’ve probably heard a zillion times , Saeon vocals makes these one-liners sound so fresh.

“If you wanna do me, you gotta do me right..”, says Saeon as she eventually gives in to Wizzy’s flirtatious remarks – even hardcore feminist won’t object to the way she caves to his advances.

Listen to the song:

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Final Thoughts

This is the first time a creative response to a booty call has been delivered by a "hot chick since Beyonce's "Check On It" in 2005. Phat Beat..check! Vocal talent and delivery .. check!! Catchy Hook .. check!!! However "Boogie Down" looses its well deserved 5 stars due to its poor lyrical depth. All the same it's a banger!!

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