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Sinzu Shine

Sinzu released one of, if not the most commercial retail mixtape in Naija’s history, Money Long The Mixtape. Since then it has been an up and down career with one official album that did fairly: another mixtape that went unnoticed. Sinzu as he prefers to be called these days has not morphed into what many fans had expected.

Recently he is more famous for his beef with former friend Godwon, and posting pictures of his balling exploits abroad on Instagram. It’s good to hear new music from Sinzu even if it was recorded 2 years ago. Shine is that song that reminds you of Money long Sauce. He uses his Yankee flow on this track, this fits his African American moniker very well and that’s how we started to love him.

What really shine on this song is his raps, Sinzu starts the rap off with “I grew up on these steps I practise what I preach, I learnt some life lessons so there is something I can teach” he reflects on the track but trust Sinzu it’s not all about reflections as he kicks some bars about balling, hustling, and definitely about bragging. His flow is effortless on the track, laid back but stylish and technical.

The hook is like a West Coast (US) G Funk hook by Warren G. It works well with the Instrumental which soothes Sinzu’s flow.

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Final Thoughts

Tight song. I Just hope he keeps up the momentum. If your not into hip hop please save your comments about if this kind of jam will make him money for another site.

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