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Skales Shining

What’s next for the budding star which label will he sign to or will he follow the independent route? But one thing is sure he will be in high spirits today as he marks his BDay today. The singer released a song for his fans as he celebrates.

Skales is inspired by his recent label setbacks and his latest songs have been reflective of his career ups and mainly downs. Skales won’t stay down for long the song has the same optimistic message as ‘Very Soon’ but the beat here is laid back.

His verses here are reminiscent of his heading for a Grammy days and we hope he continues to polish his rhyming skills because he has a tight voice. However can’t say much about his singing on the hook it’s not convincing.

Skales need to find his niche his selling point. Yes Drake might not be the greatest singer but he raps and sings impressively can’t say same about Skales especially the singing part. Maybe these introspective raps about his not so fulfilled career might be it but how long would playing the sympathy card work?


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The thing with emotional and honest raps is the portrayal of the emotion Skales has done well on the verses but the chorus does not carry the same weight as the verses.

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