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Skales Very Soon

Skales been putting work since signing to EME, but without an official debut since joining the label many people have started to doubt the rapper turn singer. We hope the title of this song ‘Very Soon’ is referring to the release of his debut. Listen and download

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Final Thoughts

Skales has had a rough climb to A-List status right now he is more A-List by EME affiliation than by his hit records. But that doesn't mean he hasn't dropped tight tracks, songs like Take Care and Mukulu has blown up but he still needs a huge banger to end all doubts. This track is nice he goes very personal with this record and this is the most vulnerable i've seen him on a song as he addresses his struggles. It's not the banger we are waiting for but it's nice to see he is creative and can make music even from his own personal trials.

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