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T-Pain Ft Akon And 2Face Idibia I Got It

Rappa Ternt Sanga T-Pain is coming back for his auto-tune crown.  Our own 2Face Idibia is featured on this track along side Akon. 2Face Idibia and T-Pain previously collaborated on 2Face’s Rainbow Remix, the video to the song was released last week. Watch here 2Face Idibia Ft. T-Pain Rainow Remix Video

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Final Thoughts

T-pain is gunning for his auto-tune crown, a well deserved crown i think he is a better song writer than future. The hook is simple it preaches bro love (No Homo) "if i got it then u got it" the beat is street hip hop and Akon sounded best on the song. All 3 artist delivered and their voices complimented each other. Nice song to add to the playlist.

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