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TripleMG Ft Iyanya, Emma Nyra, Tekno, Selebobo, and Baci Say Yeah

Since Mohitz CV it has become a custom for top labels in the country to make group/crew/posse albums. TrippleMG is the latest label with plans to tow that line. The first single off the up coming project is Say Yeah which features every one on the label except for Ubi Franklin whose talent is being a super manager.

The song is a complete U-Turn from the Afro pop Fusion Iyanya blew up with. A surprise since most of the songs released by their newly signed acts  Tekno and Emma Nyra followed the Iyanya set principle, even the signing of Selebobo indicates that TripleMG are set to conquer the Afropop Fusion genre.

The song has a hip hop feel with horns blazing it sounds triumphant, the hook announces their dominance as they brag “every time we come around”, “we on top of the world”. It’s a typical posse track and it’s very predictable, it was flat till Selebobo came and dropped the highlight verse of the track.

TripleMG might want to spice it up trying something different maybe a fast tempo dance track would have been a better call but with so much talent on the roster there is no excuse for not proving their worth on wax. It’s an average showing that will do little to increase anticipation for the album.

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Final Thoughts

Overall Score 2.5

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