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Young GreyC Sho Lee

We all heard about the fall out between Sean Tizzle and Sound Sultan, a song was written by Sultan for Tizzle as a Naija Ninja Act he left the label released the song and blew up. The song is Sho lee, here is Young GreyC Of Naija Ninja’s on this version.

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Final Thoughts

It’s hard not to compare this version with Sean Tizzle’s but i’ll base my judgement on delivery and production since I’m convinced Sultan must have rewritten this version. GreyC's singing is on point in fact she murders Sean Tizzle on this aspect; however there is something about D’tunes' simple but catchy instrumental that has HIT written over it, that’s missing here. Not that the beat is bad just that i’ve heard D’tune’s version and there is no way this will overwrite that in my head.

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