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2Face Idibia and Bridget Kelly Preach Love With New Video

In the video 2Face plays a caring guy who helps Bridget Kelly get home from the airport, because her boyfriend played by rapper /actor Efa didn’t show up. She has a quarrel with her him in another scene, this leads to her going to a 2Face show where they ended up together after the show. The duo performing at the end is just lovely to watch, the video has this romantic movie type of feel, it captures the theme of the song.

Many artistes giving the opportunity to work with a foreign artist will shoot the video abroad in the featured artist country big ups to 2Face for shooting this one here and showing visuals of Lagos inner city streets in the video.

It seems 2face is consciously shooting videos with an edge these days and with his star power he can definitely inspire a change in style of Nigerian music videos from monotonous concepts to a more open minded approach.



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Well executed video.

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