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2Face Teaches Victor Olaiya ‘how to’ use Digital Music Streaming

While the appeal of Highlife and Jazz might still cause some heavy gyrating among older generations, they are generally less likely to share musical tastes with people far younger than themselves.

Instead of music, the new generation gap is defined by mobile technology.Not that over-50s don’t use smartphones and tablets, but the sheer pace of change in the devices, the applications and the way they are used means that an adaptable younger generation is once again doing things its own way.. However, tuface idibia and spinlet hopes to bridge the generational divide.

Courtesy of the Spinlet, two legends from different generations – Sir (Dr) Victor Olaiya and 2face Idibia – came together to recreate Sir (Dr) Victor Olaiya’s classic song “Baby Jowo” also titled “Baby Mi Da. Now they do it again, bridging the mobile divide with this interesting clip.

Enjoy this ad that is currently generating a buzz on social networks.

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