Akon, Tamer Hosny, and Pitbull Dis N Dat

Egyptian Singer Sues Akon Over Pitbull No-Show

Akon has been served with a lawsuit by an Egyptian singer, Tamer Hosny for allegedly failing to get rapper Pitbull to appear on the singer’s single he spent so much money producing. Tamer filed the lawsuit against the Senegalese crooner claiming that he paid the singer $300K for both him and Pitbull to feature on Tamer’s new song Arabian Knight.tamer hosny

Although Akon delivered on his promise during the recording of Tamers highly anticipated single, Pitbull was a no-show during the music video shoot.

According to the lawsuit, in return for the $300K, Akon and Pitbull were supposed to appear in the Arabian Knight music video. Apparently, Hosny was promised a sort of buy one get one free deal in which Akon’s friend and rapper, Pitbull, would also feature in the video.

Tamer’s main displeasure stems from the extra $100K he had to spend on cameras and crew on the day of the shoot all for nothing – and it appears he’s not letting akon go off the hook.

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