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May D Ft Davido Your Eyes

The video is a distraction in any Music TV station’s playlist, the brilliant use of colours and dark scenario gives the video a unique feel.

The girls in the video have their cloths on throughout I suspect sometime during the shoot someone might have suggested otherwise. But a voice of reason would have stood up to the fact that the song is about her eyes rather than her ass. It’s a good decision.

May D is not the best dancer there is, but he knows how to create dance steps that fit his music perfectly and he pulls them off without effort.

Davido and May D are stars in their rights and with some videos under their belt. They deliver swag and style but the director and set designer deserve the larger chunk of the praise here. Each scene looked created and designed to get the final result which is a colourful and classy video for a big duet between two rising stars.

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Dope video

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