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Things aren’t exactly going as planned for the on going Nigerian Idols competition as the judges are crying foul over the right given to the viewers to determine who qualifies for the show proper. The trio of Dede Mabiaku, Nneka and Darey could not help but scream blue murder over the outcome of the second set of 10 contestants up for elimination after enduring the first one which was obviously poorly done.

According to followers of the competition, the place of the judges should be to guide the competition to a certain point where the viewers can take over in terms of participation. So putting the fate of talented contestants into the hands of uninformed viewers is certainly not the right thing to do. In fact the judges are a big waste on the show. And as the show progressed, we continue to see the less talented selected among the best 12 to go into grand finale.

One thing is certain if this trend is allowed to prevail, mediocrity would eventually emerge winners at the expense of the talented. Since 2007 when the West African Idols made its debut at superlative shows which produced Timi Dakolo and Omawunmi and others who are doing pretty well, subsequent competitions has been struggling to match that feat unsuccessfully.

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