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Rayce Just Like That

The phenomenon of a one hit wonder can be described as a musical talent that hits a break in the music business with one single which achieves commercial success of great measures, but fails to replicate this feat with another single.

Rayce came into the scene with his hit track Roll, since then the singer/producer has gone quiet on us not that he has not released materials but no one has had the same impact as Roll. His latest single Just Like That dropped and it took the video for it to get noticed.

The video is impressive the idea is not original but it was well done, there are a lot of scenes as he keeps moving throughout the video. The transitions are seamless making the video engaging. Each prop was on point.

If you haven’t noticed the song before after watching this video you will not be forgetting Rayce anytime soon, chances are this song will become another hit will it be as big as Roll? We will see, but one thing I’m sure he will be nominated for an award for this video.  AJE Films finish work on this one. Watch below:

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Dope video.

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