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Shine Adventures: Is Shine An Alpha Female?

About a week ago, I was hanging out with friends at the studio ‘gisting’ and catching trips with our free time when one of them, whose name I shall not mention, suddenly said, following the tone of conversation of course, ‘Shine, you are an Alpha female’ and then walked out the room smiling.

Usually, statements like these don’t bother me but this did for reasons I’m not quite certain of and to make matters worse, it as the 3rd time I was being told so I’m throwing it open here. You might not have close relations with me  so here is basically everything there really is to me- I love pouncing on my bed when I’m bored, I love animation, I have a thing for good food and fashion and above all…(sigh) I hate thunder storms. So if these guys could judge, then you can too. Please read and tell me whether I’m an Alpha female or not.
Here’s what most definitions make of an Alpha female-

‘An alpha female has a strong and often abrupt personality. Alpha females are confident, intelligent, opinionated, stubborn, playful, charismatic, and sarcastic. An alpha female makes decisions, is not easily intimidated by others, and does not worry about how other perceive her. Alpha females are often the leaders in a group setting and do well in their professional lives. Alpha females and alpha males do not often get along well due to their strong personalities and desire to be in charge.’
By the way, I can live with everything else in the definition the ‘stubborn and abrupt personality part. I also do not always have to be in charge…I think!
OMG! Am I an Alpha female? The name even scare the living day light out of me…like I’m some sort of alien.



True to her fun-loving nature, Shine Begho, an OAP (Cool Fm) and VJ will be sharing true and personal details about her life and more in a new series called- ‘Shine’s Adventures’.

The diary-type publication will be released fortnightly

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