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Yemi Alade Johnny

Yemi Alade’s ‘Johnny’ is a master class song in its own right, in the age where commercial music is interpreted as club bangers with meaningless lyrics. This one stands out in terms of lyrics, melody, delivery and production.

When it came to the visuals she pulled all the aces… Clarence Peters Check! Comic relief Bovi Check! Indigenous  location Check!. The video plays off American reality TV series Cheaters with Bovi playing host who leads a bunch of ladies to bust Johnny the player.

Plot aside Yemi alade got some dance moves and it was well choreographed and sexy. The video interpreted the song, it feels like a mini movie with her lyrics as the storyline.

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Final Thoughts

This one you will want to watch over and over again. Bovi is one funny dude.

Overall Score 4.5
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