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Yung6ix Notice/Before I Go Broke

Yung 6ix uses one stone to kill two birds, a good move to promote two songs with one visual but the fact Olamide is on Before I Go Broke I see that as an opportunity lost to tap into his fan base.

Let us imagine he is reminiscing about his days in the streets of Warri the car he cruises in the video is old school but the way he pulls it off you would think old school cars was in. Solo shots, posse shots, dancers scene, nothing extraordinary but impressively well done.

The stripper scene is an obvious attempt to shed off his High Skool student image of Follow Me, however it was done nicely kudos to the director. The video transits into Before I Go Broke but not before he sets his name and KKTBM brand on fire, the pyrotechnic gave the video another wow moment and may signify that 6ix is on fire and ready to burn the charts.

The second half of the video was largely a performance and posse shot. This dulls the momentum of the first half which had a lot of nice moments and there is no conceptual connection between both halfs.

6ix seems to know what he wants and he executes it with confidence. What the video lacks in central concept it makes it up with great shots. At the end of the day he has done enough to make us notice, I would suggest another video for Before I Go Broke which should have Olamide in it.

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