Most Artistes These Days Are Spinless

Gone are the days when music was a plague on any child that chooses to go down that path. Your mama go sha sit you down and tell you the history of your birth and how she almost died giving birth to you and you came out with your legs instead of your head and then how you where breast fed for eleven months instead of six; and papa go tell you how much him don spend for your life and he will compare you to Mr. Daniel’s son who is gunning to be a medical doctor and if dem born you well, make you spoil your life with music so they can disown you in peace; actually truly, gone are the days.

Today, the music business is good business. You sing well, you get paid and bag all the contracts worth millions of dollars and you will enjoy and your family will enjoy too.

But the thing that annoys me the most is spineless artistes.

How can you call yourself a musician but you cannot even play the simplest of instruments like the triangle or even play the drum on the right time signature?

How can you call yourself a musician when you don’t know what a 4/4 is or 3/4 beat is. That’s still excusable but you cannot even sing on the right key when performing with a live band.

You call yourself an A-list or tremendously growing, swagged up artiste? Who told you that lie? Ogbeni, pack well and use hand break because you don’t have a spine as an artiste.

If you must be an artiste, please and please, leave auto-tune alone and studio fx and compression, leave the flanger alone and ejor, work on your voice and be proud.

Did the bible not say “study to show thyself approved unto God as a workman who needs not to be ashamed”? So before shame comes knocking and showing your fake self, work on your voice, go on routines or periodic vocal trainings so that in the end, you can be proud to call yourself an artiste wherever and whenever.

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