Badoo Menace. Should Olamide Stop Using Alias?

Rap star Olamide aka Baddo has a dilemma on his hands, his beloved alias Baddo albeit spelt Badoo is the same used by a notorious cult group who specialise in ritual killings and other crimes in Ikorodu, Lagos.

Like most of his slangs, Olamide picked up the term from the streets. Its origin or popularity among Yoruba speaking Lagosians can be attributed to a popular cartoon with the same name Badoo.

However, since he adopted it, it has become synonymous with the indigenous rapper. Whenever we say Olamide there is a tendency to add Badoo after like he does on his popular records.

But with the rise of the dreaded Ikorodu based cult group Baddo the name no longer inspires but bring up emotions of fear, disgust and helplessness.

It might be a time for Olamide who still goes by Baddosneh on IG to denounce the name, or divert attention to another alias with new tracks and a new social media handle after all he is one of the few artists who change their social media handles at will.

We know he rarely speaks on social issues but he can also use his star power to speak against crime and inspire his many followers.

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