They are special, although they might not seem as such on the onset. They are always there, but we never exactly take notice or we deliberately choose to ignore them. So we never see them coming until they explode right in our faces. They are strong, unrelenting with a never say die spirit that in most cases more than make up for any inherent inadequacies. They are denied by fate the requisite talent that seem to make all difference but then all that is made up for with uncommon enthusiasm and consistency. They are the supposed underdogs, the less talented whose honest efforts are more often than not greeted with scorn and derision but when the chips are down, they almost always emerge victorious. These are the ones which providence employs to make the seemingly wise look foolish and pathetic. These ones are the chosen ones, God’s property!

Perhaps Kcee is one of the very few music figures in recent times who lends credence to the cliché  ‘’Talent Is Not Enough’’. As a youth in the ghettos of Ajegunle, fate swung into action, guiding and directing his every step, nudging him subtly on a musical path to greatness. To start with his father turned out to be a Dj with a shop and house full of records from almost all genres. While the young Kcee had his musical fire sufficiently stoked, it was as much as he could manage to acquire formal education to assuage his parents especially his father before delving neck-deep into his passion-music. Word is he actually sought out Presh to form KcPresh back in the day.

Tony Tettuila of the former 90s rap/pop group, The Remedies played out a similar scenario. His case was kind of worse off because unlike Kcee he had not the tiniest shine time and had to shuffle between  ahypeman and dancer whose slightly deformed feet made him look somewhat comical as he struggled to contribute his quota to the group. Like Kcee he had to relinquish lead role to Eddy Montana who was by far a better vocalist and Eedris who does the rap for the group. Tony was never disillusioned, he still continued to finance the group via his generous mother until they became a household name. In retrospect however,that  creative lull might have afforded him the opportunity he needed to polish his act, waiting for the right time until the group disbanded shortly after with each unit pursing solo careers. History books records Tony Tetuilla as the most successful member of the Remedies.

On the international circuit, former New Edition member also endured the same fate in the 90s soon as he was announced as Bobby Brown’s replacement when Bobby stepped off in pursuit of solo glory. The first shocker came when he was informed that his role is strictly that of a back up vocalist despite the facthe has attained a commendable success as a solo recording artiste as well as established a mild notoriety as a vocalist of note through previous albums. Accepting this condescending offer, Johnny had to be content with just one song in the entire New Edition Re-Union album ‘’Boys To Men’’ which received the typical Johnny Gill treatment. The song  went on to become the highpoint of the entire album. At every performance on the tour that followed, Johnny’s set for that singular ballad always carry the day.  Johnny went to notched up a solo career which spawned some of the biggest R&B cuts including the timeless ballad ‘‘My,My,My’’.

Soon as Presh began to overshadow him with his lush, syrupy falsettos as a superior vocalist after their early 2000 win of the maiden edition of Starquest,  Kcee promptly withdrew to a back up position, diligently delivering his part in the duo. He became the frontman in the background making sure everything went fine with the duo. Eventually they went on record commendable successas a duo until  both decided to go solo. According to Kcee he had a difficult time dealing with the break up and these includes a weighty barrage of taunting and jeers that suggested ‘’lets see how you gonna manage on your own now’’  And true to type his first few post break up singles had folks laughing without paying attention to him. Until ‘’Limpopo’’ caught all laughing sheepishly from the side the mouth. Today Kcee is one the hottest acts for 2013 and time will tell how long he can possibly sustain the pace.

As mortals we can hardly see beyond our noses.  We are always in a hurry to judge by visible variables. But then there exist other variables buried in the life force of the subject that bluntly refuses to play to the pre-concieved script handed down by the general public. And every now and again we goof in our judgement which goes to prove that some things are just beyond human comprehension and are better left the way are. Suffice it to say that the story of Kcee presents yet another perfect example of God’s property.

By Felix Smuv Abattam

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