Could Harrysong Be Dissing Kcee On Arabanko

Harrysong latest hit track Arabanko is filled with subliminal lyrics one can only imagine is aimed at former bosses Kcee and E Money.

Harrysong proves he is a seasoned writer with amazing double entendres littered all over track. I had to ask my Biafra or Igbo brothers what Arabanko means and they said it means someone that spends money anyhow.

Harrysong says in the track “I cook food say make you come chop (Arabanko), You use am against me, put me for cooking pot (Arabanko), Empty gallon when I help see water (Arabanko), Na wa oh”.

Although the lyrics are simple, they are layered with double meanings, Harrysong has claimed several times that he wrote for Kcee and that he doesn’t get enough credit the line above seem to be addressing that.

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