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Kennis Music Finds 2Face Replacement

JoeEl’s new video for “You’re In Love” is no doubt a beaut and thoroughly befits the song but fortunately or unfortunately the video is laden with heavy shadows of 2Face both audio and visual. Now which would you suggest it is. Could it be deliberate or coincidental?

If it is deliberate, is it a smart thing? And if it is just a coincidence, What is likely to be the consequences? Ever since he showed up on the scene a few years back, he has been struggling under 2Face’s shadow. Perhaps that might have appealed to the Kennis Music people when they signed him on, as a possible replacement for 2face.

A lot of folks have expressed misgivings about the possibility of replacing 2Face. And frankly, I personally do not see that coming. 2Face, from all indications does not look like someone who’s ready to retire, not at the rate that his family is growing, if catch my vibe.

Joe EL You are in love [Video Teaser]

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