Korede Bello, The Police You Endorse Are Harassing Us

Korede Bello is a friendly and cool guy, I can say this because I have been in the same space with him and from what I observed at the rehearsals for Star Music Fusion he is a little bit reserved but he related well with other celebrities.

Another thing I observed was that Korede’s car I can’t remember the model because what caught my eyes were the police number plates. Only police top men have such number plates, wow he must be a high roller then.

Then I remembered he was appointed a youth ambassador for the Nigerian Police Force.

Korede Bello

Hmmm! So that’s the privilege attached to such a position? He has the luxury to ride around Lagos anytime without any trouble from the Po Po.

No stop!, park! On your inner light!, Show me your phone!, unlock am, why dollar transaction they your phone? You be yahoo boy, why skull picture they your phone wallpaper? You be cultist?.

He don’t have to go through the humiliation of pulling his shoes on the side of the road and removing his socks at the command of a civil servant just to prove there is no weed hidden there. In fact, he can help the Mavin boys who may indulge carry their weed to events with no fear at all.

That is not the same privilege other youths have, we have been beaten by the police when we refuse to heed to their excesses, we have been shot when we resisted their illegal searches and harassments. Recently the cases of abuse of power by the police have become rampant.

What is the Youth Ambassador For the Nigerian Police doing to address this issue or it’s no concern to him that a ‘bellover’ cannot own an iPhone and style his hair as he wants without being labeled a fraudster by the Nigerian police who is only looking for money to gain rather than protecting the citizens who pay their salaries.

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