Why Most Ladies Don’t Like Davido’s ‘Fall’

Davido followed arguably the biggest song this year ‘If’ with a clone of a single in ‘Fall’. On ‘Fall’ his arrogance is through the roof, he knows he has money and that’s what the ladies want so he is straight forward and less sweet about it.

Lines like ‘Banana fall on you’ & ‘are you done talking?’ shows Davio’s ruthlessness when it comes to the opposite sex. Who can blame him, he said 30 billion for the account and that’s the ladies sing loudly when ‘If’ is played in the clubs.

On ‘Fall’ he thought he could get away with a cheesy and cheapening line like ‘Banana fall on you’ because it was preceded by ‘Money fall on you’ after all the ladies love money right?
Wrong, they are pissed, so many girls I’ve had discussions with about the song call out that line and there is that other line that infuriates them the more; ‘Are you don talking? Repeated 4x’. It’s the worst thing you can say to a woman.

I don’t know if Davido has A&Rs but that is the sort of lines you review and rework before putting out a record. But the Nigerian music industry is yet to have a structure and Davido who is master of self can say whatever he wants after all he has 30 billion for the account.

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