Let’s Be Petty, Wizkid Vs Davido 2017

Let’s be petty and compare Wizkid Vs Davido in 2017. We’ll start with the mother of all pettiness, what’s more important, Davido being followed by Christiano Ronaldo or Wizkid going on tour with Future?

Wizkid Vs Davido

Future and Wizkid

Here are my thoughts, Wizkid is doing proper shows and proper venues with one of the biggest artists in the world right now and that trumps being followed by the most popular sports personality on the planet hands down.

While one is fanboy moment the other is a boss move. Keep your eyes on the prize young ones. Wizkid will rack up more fans and equally more streams for his upcoming project ‘Sounds From The Other Side’.

‘Daddy Yo’ Vs ‘If’?

I give this one to Davido. ‘If’ is the biggest song in Nigeria this year. Daddy Yo is infectious as can be, but something held it back from completely taking over the Nigerian airwaves.


‘Fall’ Vs ‘Come Closer’?

If only Drake had appeared in the video for ‘Come Closer’ we might have been singing another tune but for now ‘Banana fall on you’.

Side Note; Wizkid don’t forget the press in Nigeria, they have short term memory which is only remedied by their pockets.

International Awards?

International Wizzy got this on lock, he won the BET Best International Act: Africa and he took home several at the Bill Board Music Awards.


International recording deal?

Sony Music will be happy with signing Wizkid than the arrogant Davido who could not appeal to their market.

First half of the year Wizkid Vs Davido, it’s fair to say Wizkid is leading.

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