Media desperately Want Davido & Wizkid To Beef

There have been several reports in the media that Wizkid and Davido have been sending shades at each other on social media lately.

Without verification, the media quickly attributed their individual vague but negative critical comments as shades aimed at each other.

While there is a history of beef between the two artistes, this time it feels like the media is fanning the coal for another wildfire.

Take for example the latest post by Davido on Snapchat many claims is aimed at Wizkid, “na pop pon sounds they reign now all other sound is the least” the media jumped on it and reported it was a shade at Wizzy who unveiled the tracklist for his ‘Sounds From The Other Side Mixtape’.

If you are Wizzy and you come online and find news reports that you have been shaded by someone you have a history of beef with, depending on your temperament you might respond this way too, “you can’t hate on someone doing better at what you failed at! Learn and appreciate! Free your mind from hate young kids. The game is only for the real! Catch up or stay local! Don’t blame anybody for your failures! Pray and work hard kids! And remember kids! Drink more water!!

Again what’s peculiar about both statuses is that they mention no one directly, but our dear bloggers are too desperate for another beef to care.

Let’s hope they ignore the hype and concentrate on making music for their enormous fan base because the true winners here are the blogs who will get a huge amount of traffic when the war starts.

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