New Year Resolutions

 I don’t do resolutions, why because as soon as it becomes law it starts being difficult to keep. Really, how many of you keep yours? Personally I think it’s better to make changes in your life where the need is no matter the time or season. All the hype just makes it unserious because if it is something you wanted changed you won’t need an event like the New Year to do so. That said the New Year signals ushering in another 365 days of living and one is forced to reflect on things that shaped the last, good and bad and how to let go of the bad and make sure this New Year is better. The last year in music was eventful there was the good the bad and the ugly. In this post i would like to reflect on the past year and how we can shape this year moving forward.
This year i would advice artist to read the fine print of contracts before they sign. The case of Wizkid and Banky W, Brymo and Choc city, Jwon and Kennis Music, and Vector/YSG saga has shown that the music business in Naija is becoming more professional at least in the case of the labels the artist though lag behind. They sign unfavourable contracts all in the name of fulfilling their dreams, only to realise they signed up to a nightmare. We hope they will become wiser this year and learn to understand the business aspects of the game.
Rappers stop complaining and work hard, in a year with few rap albums and a lot of noise. As a hip hop head i can understand the frustration when the rappers that are just there are the ones who are making all the money but there is a glimmer of hope for them lyricist if they can just tap into what make this other rappers popular and sell, like their swag (for a lack of a better word), flow, tight hooks and dope beats and not to forget indigenous content, add to ur dope lyrics the sky is no limit.
Everybody in 2013 had a dance competition from made artist to up and comers there was one dance competition or the other. Thanks for all the new dance steps guys’ it was fun or not so much we hope Terry G is where it ends. We would only partake in a true and genuinely crafted dance step competition from hence forth we see y’all phony and cheap attempt at promoting a dance step that is nothing to write home about.
Music videos these days can be passed of as soft porn, it would be nice to see some creativity some storyline. Clearance you are hard working and creative but i think you will ruin your reputation if you allow fans to keep finding that most scenes in your videos are similarly scenes in foreign videos. Artist please if you are going to shoot videos abroad please use dark skinned girls, dark skinned girls are going extinct in Naija cos of this trend. And the demand for toning cream has increased i don’t see any artist with fair and white endorsements. As i write this post Dencia’s Whitenicious body cream has sold out. Sighs!!!
Artist i know some of you cannot sing to save your life and the new afro pop allows you to make songs with little vocal effort aided by auto-tune but it’s not fair to pay 5k, 10k or 1 mill for tables to see u perform and you get on stage and start lip synching. Please make an effort to work on your stage craft.
Please Mr May D try and say something else aside from “ghen ghen” and “as a sure boy”, even on an international collab with Mafikizolo you still repeat those lines. This year we may not be so tolerant.
BON/IBAN pay artist their royalties as it applies all over the world let the music industry grow to the next level. COSON should be more transparent, it’s commendable what they are trying to do but it’s almost hopeless trying to save people who don’t think they are lost. I would like to see them go on a PR campaign that would enlighten the artist on the issue of royalties.
We have been barraged with a lot of Ukwu last year shout out to Timaya, but this year i’m sure we can sing about something else but i have a feeling this one will spill into the first half of this year. Sigh!!!
Last year saw the rise of Don Jazzy’s fame we hope other producers can emulate the Don and grow their brand. Most Naija songs these days would be trash without those dope beats that got everybody dancing without considering the lyrical content of the songs it would be nice to see these hard working producers become super stars also. Shout out to Sarz, D’tunes, Del B, Leriq legendury beatz to mention a few.

Lets hope this year will be another great year in Naija Music history.



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