Oritsefemi-The Rise, The Fears

Amazing how just one hit song can shoot you to the top, but what you do there and how you fare is entirely up to you. However, two things are inevitable, either you remain there of course for a while or may be rise further a little bit or worse still, you come crashing just as freely as you went up. The best part is the fact that the game is yours and you must play.

It’s really nice sometimes to see some artiste rise to fame and fortune especially when one is fairly familiar with the artiste and know the artiste deserves every attention coming his way because he has worked very hard and paid his dues in the business. If there is one artiste who has paid dues in the industry just about enough, it’s Oritsefemi. From very humble videos settings in the dark streets of Ajegunle and other ghettos around Lagos to posh locations in Lagos and indeed Europe and the Americas. The musical TalIban is wreaking shop everywhere and annexing territories, transforming from bare-bodied, ordinary Ajegunle bloke to sophisticated cat swimming in opulence even if his looks to a certain degree still remains a dead giveaway.

The scary thing about his rise in recent times however is that some his actions or the lack of it has been inspiring a measure of fears which can quickly undo all that he has slaved for. This is perhaps the same old shadow that’s trailing most of our artistes today. A large chunk of the top artistes today are so uninformed and stark ignoramuses that even organised management support can hardly save them from themselves and that is if they are sane enough to have one. I happen to have encountered Oritsefemi whose profile has been on a steady rise in my head on one of the Ndani live sessions online. Like most other guest before him, I was looking forward to wild session and I could not wait for my computer to buffer. And then my spirits fell just as fast as it rose at what I thought was going to be a mind blowing session. For Pete’s sake, the guy was miming his own song on what was supposed to be a live session and even at that he did a pretty poor job of it. My heart dipped at the comments that came up after. One actually said his in these words, ’’men I used like this dude, but men I don’t know anymore’’.

I still like my Oritsefemi, I think he is the hottest and most authentic figure right now bearing the Fela legacy and giving the AbamiEda a top of the mind recall. There is nothing about the goof that cannot be fixed if there is the will to do so. The artiste as a matter of urgency needs a reliable management and not roadies who delude themselves as one. Truth be told, Oritsefemi’s newest video for ‘’Body and Soul’’ is a beaut! But honestly I can’t figure out the gangster clip at the end of it. It’s so unnecessary. But hey it’s okay, we love the music anyways. Sometimes it just simply goes to our opinionate-head!ss

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