As if it’s a big deal anyhow! Perhaps the words SHARE and SAME has always figured in the life of the duo. And perhaps too, by just escaping the sort of bond that glues Siamese twins together, sharing same central system, Peter and Paul have probably had to share almost everything except of course women, not especially life partners. And who says they can’t, they can always break the rules same way gays are doing.

It’s all about breaking rules. Sometimes it seems to create just that extra dose of excitement that makes the world go round. But don’t bother advancing that argument in any gathering where gays are present cos they’d be quick to let know that same sex relationship is as natural as opposite sex one.To think that some British born Nigerian actually said at a seminar that homosexuality contrary to popular belief is African, and he went further to buttress it with some facts or is it, that were almost believable. Besides breaking rules most often than not always create buzz as much the boys has been doing in recent years with their music.

Speaking about the twin phenomenon, Mamuzee Twins from a little while back just brings back some memories of the twin lifestyle like that same, same way of doing things that sometimes can be boring. Some say there aggressive way of projecting their twin personae as well as pursue their music career then did more harm than good to them than their less talent. But hey, let’s try to put things in their proper perspectives. Let’s be business minded just a bit. P-Square sharing same wedding date, there’s got to be a business side of things here. And honestly I wouldn’t put it past one Mr. Jude ‘’Engees’’ Okoye. Most do not know it, but Jude Okoye is the real P-Square and from word on the street, it is believed that there is no shrewder businessman in the music business today. Better believe that!

Sharing same wedding date, there are implications. Instead of two venues, there is going to one, instead duplicating number of guests, same number will be fed on that day. From information gathered by str8upbangin.com, the wedding is planned to be a destination one, so they wouldn’t have to make the trip twice. Imagine how much would be saved in a highbrow wedding like P-Square’s. A friend used to say that you are as rich as how much you can save on transactions and not necessarily on direct savings or by being a miser. Who says there’s any wrong in killing two stones with one bird, sorry, please reverse that, it’s just my f..ked up opinionate-head getting the better of me.

By Felix ‘’smuv’’ Abattam

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