Phenom B.R.A (Best Rapper Alive) EP Review

Phenom had one of the hardest rap songs released last year with some of the tightest quotables. On TKG Phenom ended his lyrical on slot with the line ’ur so broke i hear echos in ur bank account’. This line will go viral becoming quotes for FB status tweets and school ground ‘yabbings’. TKG, Murder Dem and Murder Dem remix with Wizkid and rap heads were starting to take notice.

Eventually the Knight House signee has giving us a glimpse of what we can get from him in full length. An EP of 9 songs (including intro) is more than enough glimpse keeping in mind recent rap releases like Yeezus and Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name both which just have 10 songs each. With a title like B.R.A (Best Rapper Alive), can Phenom convince us he is, or are we going to dismiss this as another immature claim by another ambitious up and coming rapper?, remember Yung6ix’s twitter claim to be the best rapper in Naija.

In terms of production the EP is solid with Afro beats inspired production from DJ Klem, TMXO, Major Bangs, Josh Beatz, and Legendury Beatz. The beats knock and will give your speakers a rattle Ashewo, The way, Spray The Money, Fo Je Le and Nobody Tighter are possible club bangers.

The Way ft Wizkid is a misstep could have been saved for another album that’s titled something other than best rapper alive, Phenom shouldn’t be trying to compete with wizkid in his own lane with some rapping he could have stood out but he chooses to sing. Phenom clearly invested a lot of time on coming up with catchy hooks, but lyrically he is still short of being the best rapper alive, his lines are not ground breaking or revolutionary enough he has the delivery and the potential but he still has a long way to go to prove this claim.

I listened all through the EP waiting for that wow moment but nothing out of the ordinary lyrically happened, till P.Chill came and delivered the verse of the EP on Hold Me Down. Now this is worrisome considering the title of the EP. Phenom had some clever one liners here and there ‘I’m at the peak with 3 crowns nothing can take me low’ ‘I no be blood vessel i no dey run in vain’ but there are forced and outdated punches and metas in between it’s not as consistent as a Modenine (Naija Best Rapper Alive).

For marketing sake it’s a fine EP but it fails to meet the hype. The positives from this album is songs like Fagbo, Ashewo, and Spray The Money that I’m sure will be big hits if pushed right.



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