Real Talk; Is Fame Really Worth It?

FAME is so attractive that everyone wants to run to it but most times, only a few make it to the finish line. Some people go by crook, others by hook, or through hard work and the rest probably gave up while the race hadn’t even started; a few others didn’t start at all even though deep down their hearts, they want FAME. What a shame!


Lady Gaga’s Brand Built Around Fame

Sometimes I think fame is overrated. It is mostly painted in chocolate and all rose covered in bliss, but under fame is also pain.
Let’s take our “celebrities” for instance. Bros, sister mi, shey you think say na all of them get money ni or dey enjoy life ni? Hehehhe, please o jare, let me tell you;

1. Some celebs cannot pay for their house rent but they have fame and you are there thinking it is all fantabulous abi?.

2. Some have marital issues sef (I did not call anybody’s name o) but they have fame baje baje and you are there killing yourself and thinking that is heaven on earth to have fame.

3. Some of them are in prisons outside the country while others are here doing illegal businesses ‘upandan’ (though I never catch them o but we dey hear the news) and they cannot even sleep well at night but well, fame is in their akpo ke.

4. Some of them want to commit suicide kpakpa because they are tired of the fame but you are there running and shooting for the same fame. Ku ise o.

5. A few of them are simply tired of it all but fear what will happen if they are no more famous? So they live a life they aren’t happy about but you will be there asking God why me and why not me. Thumbs up to you!
Don’t get me wrong, fame is a good something, but my dear, don’t kill yourself if you are not there yet. Don’t be too desperate and comparing yourself to Beyoncé and 2Baba, trying to meet up with how they dress and how they slay because your sense has travelled to America forgetting that there is a recession in Nigeria and you’ve got to be wise.

An adage from our forefathers says all that glitters is not gold. So take it easy, go through the process of life, be true to yourself and your craft; sing if you sabi, act drama if na that one be your strength, be good, be surrounded by the right friends and work hard, be willing to learn, be flexible enough for life, trust God and wait for your turn to shine. If you no even reach that fame kpakpa, enjoy the one you have and be happy.

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