Shots Fired!!!…and Jude Engees Okoye Shoots Back!!

According to the second amendment of the constitution, “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free

state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” however, it wasn’t his constitutional right

that has inspired [Jude “Engees” Okoye to spark off a “gun control” controversy]. http://www.bellanaija.com/2014/01/06/do-you-


Heavily inspired by Jay Z’s song titled “Fuck With Me You Know I Got It”, P-Square‘s manager and older brother Jude engees

okoye decided to show off “guns.” However, fans of the iconic video director did not take the controversial display of fully

loaded clips likely and [Jude had to tender an open apology]link internally]]] on his twitter handle.

it was a very Smart move from Jude Okoye to tender an apology but it isn’t quite clear what he was apologizing for: packing

the heat, or showing them off?

here’s his apology speech:

“Abeg o. Am not a violent person. Just a pic and a line frm a song. Sorry for the post. My bad.”

Just a picture? Jude, that’s a picture of you packing heat, or is it? come to think of it, there’s nothing in that photo to

proove that it was jude holding the firearm, so what was the fuss about?

In my opinion, if a celebrity’s flaunting weapons at you, he is only showing that he fully supports the right to carry

firearms.  should he be apologetic about it? In my opinion; hell no!!!

Jude got me started by saying he was “not a violent person!”

ok Jude. we agree that you are not a violent person. you only surf the web lustfully for gun photos and show them off on

social networks. you don’t even know how to shoot the damn thing..of course we understand; why shouldn’t we?


as the old pidgin English saying goes: “na from clap, e dey enter dance.” what this means in English is: what starts out as clapping will soon result to dancing..i think.

those guns might look nice but…Jude be warned: play with these babies long enough, you might be tempted to “point and



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