I’m Sick And Tired Of Nigerian Music With The Same Melodies & Production Style

Nigerians we are a lazy bunch, we don’t discover anything, when all the work of discovery is done we come in to milk the finished product till its dry.

This mentality trails us to every endeavor and sector. Think our dear petroleum industry or our music industry.

This lack of innovation and diversity has left both stagnant despite some measure of success and international recognition.

As a writer for Str8upbangin i have the duty to listen to new music, critic and/or report them and so i decided to open the app Boomplay Music.

Scrolling through the songs listed at the top banner, i gave each a try one after the other. To my disappointment almost all of them had the same format.

Same type of beat and similar melodies. Humble Smith’s Focus, Runtown’s For Life, and Zoro’s Land Lady have a similar sound and melody.

Searching deeper into the streaming platform i discovered more tracks with the same common sound and melody as the aforementioned songs.

This is really disheartening because diversity is the spice of life. Our artists wait for one style to become popular then try to recreate 50 versions of it before fans get sick and tired.

The ones with all the resources to promote these songs on the radio and TV do so till they become the standard making it hard for new sounds to penetrate because most innovators don’t have same resources.

I miss the days when each artist had their own signature style and sound. Even the days when ghetto ragga music was invogue African China, Marvelous Benji, Danfo Drivers all had their own unique expression of the sound.

These days everybody is biting melodies and production style shamelessly and i wonder if i’m the only one sick and tired.

PS. Can we give Ghana Their Beat Back?

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