Simi Restless Review

Hmmm i saw this EP online and decided to download without knowing who the artist was and to my pleasant surprise it was a delightful listen.

It’s 5 emotional charged covers; she brilliantly uses foreign pop backdrops to deliver her own message without tainting the original versions. Not many can do an Adele cover, let alone with original lyrics that sound like if the beat was made for her initially.

The lyrical content is very good, on 20nine she laments that she is going on 29 and that it’s too late, because a husband is not easy to find, a tale all too familiar to Nigerian ladies. On Range Rover (Rihana’s Man Down Cover) she croons about the materialistic expectations of a girl looking for a husband, as she won’t date the guy without a range rover, and she is waiting for Dangote’s son to call (I pray lol). We can see why she is 29 and still waiting for a husband.

Besides her brilliant lyrics and composition she has great vocals that put her right there with Asa, Omawunmi, and Waje. She owns each track as if it was crafted for her originally. Simi is restless, maybe because she has not met her dream husband (if the lyrics are from personal experience) or because the whole world has not noticed her talent but i’m sure after this EP the latter will change for the better.  The tape will be something for every single lady, and even those that are married can understand where she is coming from.

She mixed and mastered the project herself and the recording was done on her laptop, but for what it’s worth a free EP she tried, the EP will have you wanting more and we hope she keeps it up.


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