The Last Don

As a young boy I was fascinated with the Mafia lifestyle I would spend hours fantasizing about those long suits and hats, and the classic cars with a Cuban Cigar hanging from my lips I thought I would grow up to be Al Capone. The Untouchables is still one of my favourite movies of all time not because of Kevin Costner but because of the Al Capone character played by Danny Davito. Everybody loves the bad guy everybody sympathises with Al Pacino in Scarface but we know better that the criminal underworld mostly leads to an untimely death but the style, confidence, and control exuded by these villains makes us love them and most time wish we were them.

Micheal Collins Ajerah aka Don Jazzy came to public notice for his production of the song Tongolo by D’banj in 2004. Him and the Afro Pop singer had met in London, while he was ghost producing for JJC and D’banj was doing back up singing for the group, they formed a formidable partnership which brought us some of our biggest hits to date. They had a name for their movement and label; it was called mo hits, and more hits they gave us. As the brand grew we saw characters take shape like a plot from a mafia movie the Don Jazzy character was born. D’banj was a fan favourite already but what made Don Jazzy stand out besides his infectious beats was the Don Corleone like acting he played on those sound City Skits with D’banj he had so much swag he didn’t even speak to us D’banj was his mouth piece. Even Don Corleone wished he had that much swag. The skit made Don Jazzy not just a great producer but an instant star.

As the famous saying goes all good things must come to an end (no pun intended in that quote) D’banj and Don Jazzy got signed to Kanye West G.O.O.D Music label. Shortly after Mo Hits will announce the end of the business partnership between Don Jazzy and D’banj, and we are now watching the Don build another brand and as a quick thinking Don he made sure that he went on a PR offensive, the once never speaking directly to the public has lost his once loyal friend, business partner and mouth piece. I guess when you are a Don its common place to have business partners you fall out with. Don Jazzy handed the media and social media like a don should, he went the Frank Lucas way by giving to the people he gave his fans recharge cards, money and shout outs on their birthdays, he did interviews, he went silent musically working on the Mavin compilation which he strategically released immediately he announced the Mavin Record label. He snatched the sensational and uber sexy Tiwa Savage adding the feminine touch to his Label, the album sparked the career of his brother The Prince (Family First, “there is nothing more important to a man than his family” in Don Vito Corleone’s voice). The Don’s power move has brought in lots of business in terms of endorsements.

Recently the Don has lost another friendship and partnership as the label recently confirmed the rumoured end of relationship with Wande Cole, well like I said it’s nothing new to the Don, this is business it’s nothing personal, as a Don I guess you will have to step on some toes to accomplish your mission of rising to the top, a producer like Shizzi will say he has ghost produced for the Don before but then again a Don must not do everything himself, that’s why he is a Don he has boys around who do the gritty stuff and he just comes to add his intelligence and experience. Wande Cole should know better than use the Don’s property without his consent especially when that property is his intellectual property and is guaranteed to bring in money. Don Jazzy has been through it all and he is still waxing strong with hits and endorsements here and there, however you remember him is up to which part of his enigma appeals to you, whether his business savvy, or his production skills, his charisma, or his eclectic or rather simple but unique fashion sense, or his ruthless business decisions, there is no doubt the Don will leave a legacy to be retold.

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