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Trey Songz Phallic Flop

Like Usher, Mario and Neyo, Trey Songz was one of the boyish, smooth R&B crooners who just made us fall in love back in the day. Trey Songz just had this thing about him when he popped on the scene back in 2005. He had so much colour and innocence that just seems to envelope you even if you don’t want to. And his very first hit song which remained his biggest ever Can’t Help But Wait became an anthem which opened for him the floodgates of acceptance and subsequent stardom.
Recently Trey has been threading some uncomplimentary path and exhibiting inappropriate attitude that is getting fans really, really worried. Perhaps he’s playing to an obviously poorly concocted PR. stunt to bolster his career which seemed to be dipping in recent times.

For whatever it’s worth, displaying your phallic prowess instead of microphone prowess does not seem like a smart stunt in any way for a guy like him. At best what it achieves is embarrass the fans and assault public sensibilities.

If he happens to be a sex freak, he best kept it private, after we all do one way or another, don’t we?

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