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African China Reveals The Reason For His Disappearance

If you’ve been asking yourself where in the world African China is, and why has slipped off the sound radar then ask no more cos he back!..or so he says..hear from the horses mouth himself:

“I’ve been working but after becoming a father,I told myself I needed to concentrate fully and see what fatherhood is all about. I do not want to have a scattered home,you know its not easy. I know I may not be able to manage stardom and family so I had to quit one for another. Not that I left music but I just wanted to relax and face my family… I left my music for them but now my kids are grown up. I think I can hit the streets,I’m good to go”, African China said in a recent interview.

The singer who claimed he has 168 children from different women is currently working on a collaboration with 2face and Flavour. I wonder how quickly it takes one to raise 168 kids to the point that one can have a level head to work on a new album creatively?

African China

NIPR CHAIRMAN LSC and African China. (African China & Friends in conjuction with NIPR Lagos State Chaper will host public lectures and music concerts – A national youth orientation program.

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