Brymo VS Chocolate City Case Update: Judge Accused Of Bias Pulls Out Of The Case

Ongoing case between Brymo and Chocolate city took another turn on Wednesday 7 May as Judge Justice Buba I.N. pulled out of the case due to accusation of bias by Chocolate City Counsel.

Brymo, crossed examined by Chocolate City Council was accused of making chocolate city loose a potential 20 Million Naira deal because of his promotion of the use of banned substances (Marijuana) on social media thus resulting in the issues he has with the label.

‘I want to put it to you that one of the reasons you had problems with the plaintiff (Chocolate City) was because you were promoting hard drugs on your social network accounts. I was made to understand by the record label that your conducts and promotion of hard drugs like Indian hemp made the record label to lose a potential N20M endorsement deal for you with a major telecommunication company. Negotiations were ongoing about the deal, but it was called off,’ Lawal said to Brymo.

The judge Justice Buba I.N. however countered the statement stating that ‘The plaintiff cannot have a problem with a singer promoting hard drugs because that is what they all do. We are all fans of Fela and Bob Marley, and they promoted these things.

Chocolate City counsel T. Lawal went on to insinuate that Justice Buba was bias. In response Justice Buba announced that he would hand over the case to another judge to ensure a fair hearing.

Before now Justice Buba I.N. had ordered a lift on the injunction placed on Brymo by Chocolate City allowing the singer to pursue his career while the case goes on.

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