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Harrysong Welcomes Twins & Get Called Out Over Stolen Baby Pictures

Singer and songwriter Harrysong just became a father of twins. However, controversy has surrounded the announcement of the good news on social media.

Apparently, the first picture he shared of the kids was from a stock picture which was later exposed to be the same used by a foreign website. As usual, Nigerians came for the Alter Plate founder.



According to the singer, he has not seen the kids since their birth due to the fact that he has been busy. He maintained that he only received images from their mother.

He also said this to Premium Times; “To set the record straight, the Instagram account, perezandtarela was set up by my baby mama who is very reserved and media shy, despite being a successful business woman.

She created the account with the sole aim of cataloguing the growth and development of her lovely twins. However, the account which was meant to run privately and operated by one of her younger siblings who mistakenly posted internet photographs was blown open by me.

We can’t help but wonder why his baby mama will send him stock pictures though or create an IG account and post stock pictures, who is deceiving who here?

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