I Didn’t Cheat On My Ex Husband 9Ice, Toni Payne Calls Out Bloggers On Her blog

 Toni Payne reiterated on her blog post yesterday that she did not cheat on her ex-husband singer 9Ice. “to those who still believe I cheated on my ex. I am sorry to disappoint you, I NEVER cheated on my ex hubby. It’s not who I am, it will never be who I am. Tell yourself 1 million times, Toni Payne cheated, it will never make it true. Nobody caught me in any lie, or in any bad situation, nobody slept with anyone he was close to. Y’all need to put a full stop to that bullshit. Its old!. Sometimes, men want their freedom, and the fact is you cant force them to stay. Same goes for women”  she says in her post.

Their marriage crashed in 2010 amidst controversial stories by the media that she had slept with rapper Ruggedman who was a close friend of the couple.  9Ice’s single at that time ‘Once Beaten Twice Shy’ added fuel to the fire as many thought the song was describing the situation.Both Toni Payne and 9Ice have denied that the lyrics refer to her cheating but it seems people still choose to believe otherwise, hence the poet and publicist post. In her post she calls out blogs for saying she condones cheating; “Apparently some blogs are touting the idea that I am ok with cheating. “Toni Payne Said, do not leave a cheating man” Toni payne said it’s ok to cheat”. I have NEVER in any way shape or form, condoned cheating. It is hurtful, wrong, can be dangerous and I do not advise anybody male or female to cheat on their mate”.

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