One of pop music’s most outlandish figures, Lady Gaga recently admitted to going bankrupt when she freely squandered a whopping $3million for her tour in Monsters Ball in 2009. This much was revealed during a sneak peek of her EPIX Original Documentary, Who The F**k is Arthur Forgel? The 27 year old New York native had no qualms whatever spending the last $3m she had in her account on acquiring costumes for the tour, of course without the knowledge of family members who would have no doubt been outraged.

But then Gaga had a plan. The poker-faced artiste who is known for her crazy costumes and bizarre stage antics would however go on to fulfil her plans when she got the attention of Arthur Fogel, chairman of Live Nation’s global touring division who approached Gaga with a deal that would surpass the $3m by a long shot. Live Nation presented Gaga with a check of $40m for subsequent engagements. ‘’ It changed my life and the life of my whole family’’, Gaga said. Who the F**k is Arthur Fogel premiered on EPIX on March 19.

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