NBC Issues Official Pronouncement on the BON/IBAN and COSON Dispute

After meetings by NBC led by the Director General Mr. Emeka Mba with members of COSON led by Chief Tony Okoroji, and BON/IBAN led by Mr. Olusegun Olaleye, and Mr. Sunny Osa Adun respectively on the 12
th and 13th of December, 2013, the NBC has come up with an official pronouncement on the BON/IBAN ban of Nigerian musical works and sound recordings. This is as follows;

  1. BON/IBAN members recognise that they have a duty to pay copyright royalties for the musical works and sound recordings broadcast by their members
  2. BON/IBAN members are therefore obliged to keep adequate logs and records of all musical works and sound recordings broadcast by them and ensure that they are made available upon request by relevant authorities and should adhere to the provisions of article 3.13.22 of the Nigerian broadcast code, which requires that ‘for the purpose of free to air broadcast, Nigerian music shall constitute 80% of all music broadcast.
  3. All payments of music copyright royalties shall be made to the copyright society of Nigeria, COSON, which is the only Collective Management Organisation (CMO) approved by the federal Government of Nigeria with respect musical works  and sound recording s, in accordance with the law.
  4. A joint commission of the NBC, NCC, COSON, BON/IBAN, will be set up immediately to review all copyright royalty tariffs with respect to broadcast of musical works and sound recordings and to ensure that the royalties paid by broadcasting stations in Nigeria are fair, reasonable and in accordance with prevailing standards.
  5. The joint committee referred above will conclude in assignment within ninety days of the issuance of these pronouncements and the tariffs set by committee shall be binding on all BON/IBAN and COSON members.
  6. To ensure a conducive atmosphere for the joint committee to carry out its assignment, the ban placed on the broadcast of  musical works and sound recordings of COSON members by BON/IBAN should be suspended, and all parties to all on-going legal proceedings with respect to the payment of music copyright royalty in the broadcasting industry in Nigeria shall approach the courts within two weeks to suspend actions for a minimum period of ninety days.
  7. The NBC will monitor compliance to the agreements reached in this pronouncement.
NBC Official Pronouncement

NBC Official Pronouncement

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