Obesere’s Rape Case Saga: Friend Of the Singer And Victim Defends Fuji Singer

As previously reported popular fuji singer, Obesere is being accused of rape by Miss Olanike Olaiya, a 29 year old business woman who spent a night at his Okota, Lagos residence. Read Story. In his defence the fuji singer claimed she slept over after it was too late for her to leave. They had consensual sex and she just wants to extort him. Read Story

The woman who introduced Obesere and his alleged rape victim,  Mrs. Bola Okoro has come out to refute the claims made by Olanike, buttressing Obesere’s claims, she affirmed that Olanike wants to extort the fuji artist. She further stated that Olanike Olaiya is not her real name but Morenike Kikelomo.

“She was with Obesere on Tuesday and called me that she would be coming to Ibadan to check on her child on Wednesday, but I told her to wait that I was also coming to Lagos for a meeting and we can meet at that meeting,” Mrs. Okoro said at her Ibadan home.

“I was not aware that anything was wrong with her until we got to Ibadan but I was surprised when Obesere called me that Olanike said she was bleeding that I should take her to the hospital,” She said further.

“When I inquired about what was wrong, she told me that if I needed money, I should support her plan to collect N10 million from Obesere, but I refused. I told her that I would never be part of that plan before she proceeded to Lagos and reported the alleged abuse at Okota Police Station,” she added.

She also revealed that Olanike had been abandoned by her parents because of her waywardness but she took up her responsibility.

Speaking about the fuji star, Mrs. Okoro said: “I have known Alhaji Obesere for over 12 years and he is a responsible, kind-hearted individual who cannot hurt a fly. I wonder why he would stoop so low as to rape or use a girl for ritual when so many girls are out there who want to have him”.

The plot thickens, as we await the outcome of the case even as the alleged victim keep telling reporters about death threats she is receiving from Obesere and his people. Obesere claims he has not raped but had consensual sex with the lady. The general hospital report is that she was raped but that report is been thrown out for the report of Obesere’s private hospital’s which claims otherwise by the State Criminal Investigation Department.

So many twist and turns, what do you think of this story? Is it a case of Rape, Ritual or Blackmail?

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