Top Ten Cover Art For Yung6ix Kpansh Featuring MI

With increase in the number of music released and our problem of short attention span these days, a good cover art is a way for the artist to draw attention to his music.

One artiste who employs this power of aesthetics is yung6ix.  For the pre-hype to the release of his video for the single Pkansh which features MI, he recently launched a cover art design competition for graphic artists.

According to here are the top ten entries to be voted for

10339240_746791832010930_7047981237295288265_o 10344351_746792165344230_7091307759323949368_o 10348934_746792368677543_251491560987603219_o 10372806_746792472010866_8079564800012638621_o 10460653_746791868677593_5731001324730347234_o 10492445_746792202010893_2646967200140962309_n 10494458_746791838677596_4052917184337922943_o 10497227_746792248677555_425674210591071660_o 10501736_746792158677564_7332004842424982812_n

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